A couple thoughts about hills

As you approach hills, think of mentally dividing them into thirds. For the first third you want to slightly lean into it from the ankles. Maintain a steady effort and use your arms to drive you forward. Don’t focus so much on pace as on effort. Think of your arms as pistons moving forward and back. They will help power you along.  The middle third of the hill, pick a spot halfway from you to the top and focus on making it that far. Keep moving your focal point as you reach each mini-goal.  During this phase, I like to imagine strings attached to my hips gently pulling me ahead. This helps me not cave in my posture at the waist but remain tall through the torso.  Keep that slight lean at the ankles instead.  For the final third hold or slowly increase your effort and continue strongly up and over the crest of the hill. Mentally place that final mini-goal focal point at a place beyond the hilltop.  Use the momentum of that continuing effort to propel you over the top. You’ll find that by pushing beyond the top you psychologically feel stronger and recover faster from the hill challenge.  You did it!  Use your success to power your mind and body for the next part of your run.  Shake out your arms.  Relax your jaw and face again.  And keep moving!!

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